Papilio: Preventing Behavioural Disorders and Promoting Social-Emotional Competence in Preschool Children

Tackling the Risks for Violence and Addiction

This is a short description of the prevention program Papilio. Papilio has been developed in Germany. It can be adapted to kindergartens all over the world.
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Short Description

Papilio is a program in kindergartens for primary prevention of behavioural problems (like aggressive behaviour or social withdrawal) and for supporting the socio-emotional competencies of preschool children. It encourages socio-emotional competencies and reduces behavioural problems.

The programme is based on scientific studies and the effects have been proven by a controlled longitudinal study.

Papilio includes three intervention components: child intervention, kindergarten teacher intervention, and parent intervention. It can be applied in every kindergarten.

Main project aims

The overall goal is the improvement of psycho-social health in children:

  • Reducing antisocial, aggressive behaviour and overly reserved behaviour
  • Supporting socio-emotional competencies
  • Supporting children in achieving age-appropriate development

In the long term Papilio works against the risks of violence and addiction.

Scientific Background

Scientific Cooperation Partner for the development and evaluation of the program is Prof. Dr. Herbert Scheithauer, Freie Universität Berlin. Papilio was based on a long term study by Webster-Stratton & Taylor, a U.S. American research team.
The effects of the program have been proven by a long term study with 700 children, 1.200 parents and 100 kindergarten teachers.

Cultural pedagogy for children

Papilio cooperates with the famous puppet theatre ”Augsburger Puppenkiste“ and other artists. Together they developed several materials:

  • the puppet play “Paula and the pixies in the box”
  • songs and music,
  • two children’s picture books, including education information for parents,
  • a radio play “Paula and the pixies in the box”, and
  • a DVD “Paula and the pixies in the box”.

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For further information please contact:

Heidi Scheer - Geschäftsführende 1. Vorsitzende Papilio e.V.

Heidi Scheer
Chairwoman of the Board

Ulmer Str. 94
D-86156 Augsburg
phone +49 (0) 821 4480 8596